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Default Re: Jean Grey in The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I HATE that he was the star of all three original trilogy movies, and I dont like how some x-men are appearing in his movies, creating conflicts with continuity and possible plans for First Class sequels. (Emma, young Cyclops and Gambit).
Its probably not gonna create any problems. Those memory rumors are just sites trying to come up with reasons why she would be in the film without thinking that it could take place after the X Men Films. If it was pre X Men and both her a Logan met then yeah, that would be lame. Fox cant afford to pull **** like XMOW did again.

Shes seems like a specific choice though, Im sure theres an important reason for her. Killing her would def have an effect on Logan and be in continuity. He may be trying to let go and move past that. And we dont know whats up with DOFP quite yet like others mentioned. So it could be that as well.

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