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Default Brand New Castle Grayskull for MOTUC Line

Currently, fans of Masters of the Universe are pre-ordering to get a new Castle Grayskull set made. Mattel has announced the project, but they can only start making it next year if they meet their pre-order quota.

The new set has been designed and the blueprints have been released. Four Horsemen will sculpt and make the new playset if the pre-order quota is met. This new playset is designed to be in the style as the original though it will be much bigger and it will have sculpted and painted details instead of stickers and decals. It will also have three floors instead of two like the original and a working elevator.

If this interests any of you can check out the early blueprint images and size comparison videos here:

Or feel free to Tweet or Facebook them if you are into figures or MOTU.

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