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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by TheFantasticJoe View Post
I wanted to address the burning question: how will Mandarin's rings be used?

The fact that the trailer shows a shot of them before we see his face leads me to believe that they will be important. However, both Shane Black and Kevin Feige said that Iron Man 3 will be more grounded and not have anything to do with aliens or magic. My question is, will the rings have offensive and/or defensive purposes like in the comics, or will they merely be for show as a nod to the fans and to symbolize the Ten Rings organization? I want to hear what you guys think.

Please let me know if this thread is redundant, and I'll have a moderator close it. Thanks.

Here's my take, is that the 10 rings will have a lore, and Mandarin is someone that steeps himself in lore (thus the Anarchist CA shield on his neck). He will probably create a construct to create mechanical versions of the rings with all the powers (i.e. fire, ice, etc. etc.), for some type of final fight scene.

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