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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
LOL. Are you serious? TDKR underwhelmed BIG TIME, box office wise and critically...
No, it didn't.

and Iron Man 3 shouldn't even be mentioned in the same conversation? You speak as if TDKR was the third biggest film of all time when it didn't even surpass Return of the King which came out years ago.
Iron Man is not the Avengers so don't try and use that as some kind of leverage in your argument. IM3 will not have the same hype as TDKR, that's just a given. The TDK franchise is on a whole other level than Iron Man. Avengers and 3D boost won't push it up 400 mill from the previous movie into billion dollar land.

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