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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Keep thinking that
Don't have to think when facts support my claim.

You are really overrating the Nolan Batman franchise, it is NOT on a whole other level. Until TDKR Batman didn't even do well overseas and Batman Begins didn't too well overall. Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers have done just as well box office wise and I promise you, Iron Man is on that level. 400M domestic and a billion worldwide is very achievable.
What's your point? TDK was the turning point, duh. And your (incorrect) assertion that Batman didn't do well overseas until TDKR doesn't help your argument. Iron Man is simply not on the same level as those other franchises. It's last movie barely grossed 600 mill. Until IM3 proves that it is on that level you shouldn't be comparing IM to those franchises and saying it can outgross TDKR because if we're going off of historical evidence nothing supports that idea.

Also, hype and box office are 2 different things. On Stranger Tides was not hyped AT ALL and it cruised to a billion.
Hype is tied into BO performance especially if you're talking about a movie skyrocketing past its predecessor by 400 mill.

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