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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Here's my thoughts

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Tony's been resting since the events of the avengers. Once Mandrin comes back into play, tony thinks he's still got it when he obviously doesn't. Mandrin defeats him, using the power of the rings. Low and behold, tony must go back to the roots of the trilogy, and by training himself to fight stronger, faster, and better than before, implements extremis. Mandrin blows up his house, and tony comes back, goes after the rings, defeats Mandrin by knowing where his weak spot is now. Once he thinks it's over, the Maya Hansen twist comes into play, and Tony sacrifices himself in the marvel universe, leaving Rhodey the armor, and equipment to become the next...IRON MAN.

This is my design.

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The way SONY dominated Marc Webb was way more hardcore than anything in 50 Shades anyways.
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