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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Listened to Frankenweenie this evening and I found it to be a lot of fun. I can tell Elfman enjoyed scoring this. The tracks that caught my attention were "Game Of Death", "The Funeral", "Electricity", "Re-animation", "Sparky's Day Out", "Getting Ready", "Making Monsters", "Pool Monsters Attack", "Mad Monster Party", "Final Confrontation", and "Happy Ending".

Upon first listen I think I heard three different themes/motifs. One of 'em (which is the main theme) is a playful and pleasant theme that captures the bond and companionship between Victor and Sparky. The main theme shares some similarities with Elfman's theme for Charlie in C&TCF and Lewis' theme in Meet the Robinsons.

The second theme or motif (which I believe is Victor's emotional theme) b/c it plays to Victor's loss of Sparky. As well as his feelings of losing Sparky. It's melancholic but touching.

The third theme or motif is a murky and somber theme for the havoc caused by the other undead pets brought back to life by the other kids. It's also a theme that represents the madness, risk, and danger of bringing back something from the dead, imo. The theme does share some resemblance of Elfman's own Batman theme, but it doesn't bother me b/c I don't feel it's a direct ripoff.

I love the use of the organ in some of the tracks. Really adds a gothic and macabre mood to the score. Frankenweenie's score is very much in Elfman's comfort zone as the film itself is for Burton. Some of the orchestrations and instrumentations harken back to some of Elfman's past scores to Burton films. It isn't a bad thing b/c it works. Afterall Frankenweenie has all of the elements you'd expect from a Tim Burton movie (excluding Depp and Bonham Carter, of course). The score adds a lot of heart and even tugs the heartstrings at times. I enjoyed the score overall.

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