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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Iron Man 3 - 800 mill
Man of Steel - 500-600 mill
Thor 2 - 500 mill
The Wolverine - 300-400 mill

IM3 will obviously be the big one. With Avengers' halo-effect, 3D, and ticket price inflation it should hit somewhere around 800 mill. If MoS can't outgross Thor then DC is truly lost. I'm assuming Thor will get a similar boost as IM3. Finally, can't see Wolverine doing any more than the low-400 mill range.

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
This film is set to be far more massive in scale than IM3 and Thor if the rumors hold up.
Doesn't seem like it what with the Mandarin trying to destroy the US government and abolishing all of Tony's ****...not to mention Tony going through a life changing, body altering surgery. Then in Thor we have him realm hopping like crazy and building a giant army to fight the Dark Elves, which in itself might turn out to be fodder for Surtur and his army of fire demons to attack Earth; and of coures there's all the scheming, double crossing, and family drama that comes par for the course with Thor.

So if you really think about it, MoS isn't that much bigger in scale than these films, it's just a different story.

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