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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
The one thing I worry about with AT, is that I heard him talking about giving the film a more grounded and real look about it, but I worry that will take away from some of the Kirby'esque look of the first film.

When I wrote my review for Thor on this site, I wrote something to the effect, that, "this is the film Fantastic Four should have been and wasn't," referring to all the Jack Kirby inspired sets on the film, where Fantastic Four looked bland and un original, nothing like what Jack Kirby drew for the FF.
Yeah, sort of worried about this after thinking about it. Apparently they're shooting one of the locations for Asgard in Iceland, so right off the bat you know it won't look as fantastical as Thor. I really wish they would get over this "real, grounded" crap because that's not how these stories or characters were designed to be in the first place. The whole draw of superheroes is that they are fantastical. When you're talking about Thor, a norse god, there's no point in trying to make him grounded, you just can't.

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