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Default Re: Laurence Fishburne IS Perry White in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
1. I hate Smallville
2. That show butchered everything about Superman anyway
3. That was not quite the ´´drastic`` change I had in mind
4. I was talking about MOS
5. Thanks for making me sick in the stomach, I can't stand Kristin Kreuk
I know I should PM this question or save this for the Smallville board but I don't think Smallville butchered that much things about Superman or even changed that much in the Superman compared to something like the JL/JLU Cartoon, Lois and Clark, Nolan Batman movies, Richard Donner movies, etc or even the Superman universe has changed(Golden to Silver Age, Pre Crisis to Post Crisis, Elseworld, New 52, etc) but I digress and

I agree there is little to not much I like about Kristen Kreuk Lana Lang(actress or character but she is hot) too but she is still as much Lana Lang as any actress who played her in any movie, cartoon or otherwise and no different than Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury, Michael Clark Duncan as Wilson Fisk,etc.

but back to the Perry White matter, race doesn't matter all that matter is that the personality is in tact and that is the personality of a gruff boss then it's all right(unlike people like Black Panther, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, etc then don't change the look of the character) at least that's how I view it.

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