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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

I've come to the conclusion that Bane had to have been born in the Pit, or at least grew up there from a very young age. I don't see any reason why he'd lie to Bruce when he says he was born in darkness. If Bane and the prisoners were in on some conspiracy to fool Bruce and protect Talia's identity, they would have had their story straight. The prisoners could have said the child's protector made the climb...or better yet, not said a word to Bruce about anything. But no, I think Bane is being 100% truthful when he talks about not seeing the light until he was a man. There's just no good reason I can think of for him to lie about that. It also supports why he'd be so faithful to Ra's' ideals. If Bane never even saw the world until the LOS freed him, it would make him even more beholden to the organization and Ra's, so much so that it would be something he deeply valued even after being excommunicated. Closest thing he has to a family. And he'd be raw clay that they could mold, totally shaping his worldview.

Bruce is the one who jumps the gun and assumes the child is Bane. Alfred's intel had him being born in a prison, so when Bruce hears a story being told about a child born there it's only natural to assume the story was about Bane. Bruce didn't allow for the possibility of another child being born there.

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