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Default Re: Brand New Castle Grayskull for MOTUC Line

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Do you mean cause more friction between the fans? Or cause anger?

Well this isn't a subscription release. And they will only make it and charge you if they meet the order quota. And you only get charged when it ships which is late next year.

I mean the price is high but overall I think this is a good deal.
Essentially both my friend, I know we both post on the org though personally not as much as I used to, so you should remember the sub push earlier this year to "save teh line"

Well during that while a lot acted fine, there was a quite a few that acted like for a lack of a better word complete *******s

A bunch of promo banners were made claiming if you didn't buy a sub, you were a Matty hater, not a true fan or anti Mattel, really sad bullying to try and force people to get the sub

That and if people put forth arguments that they didn't want a sub, couldn't afford it etc, where met with crys of get a better job or claims that if you don't have a sub you shouldn't be allowed on the org. Stupid stuff like that

Both side do have points, I mean its obvious Mattel is a business and needs numbers to produce a product, but the number of **** ups and dodgy practises are completely astounding, yet the fans are told you should be grateful and shut the hell up

I mean i love this line and have said in the past on the org many many times, i dont get everything simply because i don't have the space or the money, but What I mean is that with all current in fighting between the MOTU fandom( hell people were calling for protests and physical showdowns at powercon) if gravy skull doesn't meet it's quote I can see all hell breaking loose, with blame, arguing and the usual of Matty threading to cancel the line.

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