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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
MOS went into production on August 1, 2011. Why don't they have a full trailer out yet? IM3 started shooting on May 23rd and already has a spectacular trailer ready for theatrical release, not just a teaser. One would think that WB would be more on the ball than this, especially in light of the disappointment that was Superman Returns.

When a film takes almost two years from the start of principal photography to its premier, that's a bit disconcerting.
Man of Steel was set to be released this December until WB rescheduled the release. It was a smart decision to give MoS breathing room considering it was up against The Hobbit (a WB production as well) but I, myself, was worried since most films that are pushed back tend to be doomed... until I witnessed the footage, of course.

A MoS trailer is set to be unveiled in December with The Hobbit.

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