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Default Re: Do you think the Red Skull will return?

Originally Posted by peterparker0077 View Post
Well, I think they should of combined Nazi's and Hydra better. Red Skull was a Nazi, maybe they shouldn't have made him turn on the Nazi's and had them more included.

The reason it's so important is because WWII is very important to the character of Captain America, and it felt like they just blew past it with out giving it the proper attention it needed for the character and for his development.
Red Skull's defection was a tool to show how Red Skull is a dark mirror to Steve Roger's (the frustrations of both with their superior's led to their Cap's case, save the 107th, and Skull's to pursue his own goals). Had the Nazi's been more incorporated as the film was structured, the mirror parallels would have been decreased. I felt the Red Skull was done very effectively in the film, myself.

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