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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

His talk about freedom being a lie and when you understand that you will know peace, really to me smacks of a sort of brainwashing done on Loki. That and the fact that he is now convinced that Thor let him go, not that he let go. He's completely twisted that there, lying even to himself, and there must be a reason for it. I would think there was a lot of torture initially and a lot of reprogramming Loki's mind to do Thanos' bidding during that time, until they felt he was ready. (not excusing his behavior in Avengers, mind you... but just sayin') I feel like Loki seems to be talking about himself a lot in those freedom speeches (both in his first scene and in Germany). I feel like the intention was to mirror Loki's own struggles for power and freedom from doing what Odin or Thor wanted him to do when he was on Asgard. He seems to be telling himself, trying to convince himself, that now that he's accepted Thanos as the master, the one who decides what he does, that is a load of pressure on him and he should be at peace now, and maybe to some extent he is. But as Coulson says, " you lack conviction" and so that would make it seem there's still at least part of him that is not happy or at peace still with this current arrangement. When he gives those speeches in Germany and to Fury I feel like he is trying to convince himself as well as the crowd/Fury that he's doing the right thing here, and that the mortals need someone to take over and make things better, they'll be better off that way, so any nasty thing he has to do to make that happen is for the greater good. Whedon's comments in the commentary are very interesting because he makes it seem like Loki doesn't just want to rule, he wants to be "daddy" and take care of them all, and how messed up it is to want to be that person. The part with Thor where he says how the human's slaughter each other daily, and sarcastically that Thor's doing a great job protecting them, would also seem to point to that.

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