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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Interesting Elfman interview by The Hollywood Reporter. He talked about his scores for "Silver Linings Playbook", "Hitchcock", "Promised Land", and even "Oz:The Great and Powerful".

Some interesting tidbits about Hitchcock and Oz.

THR: You imagined yourself into composer Bernard Herrmann's head for Gus Van Sant's Psycho remake. What was it like to score Hitchcock?

Elfman: The main thing I wanted to know from Sacha was that he didn't want to do a Herrmann-esque score, a mock Psycho. The story is a romance between Alfred and Alma Hitchcock. It's a fairly romantic score, and it gets a little darker where Hitchcock is in the world of Ed Gein [the killer who inspired Psycho], talking to him. I found myself occasionally doing Herrmann-esque things, but not intentionally. He's so much part of my DNA, there's moments where yeah, there's a bit of an homage there, but it's just me.
THR: Do you have a "funny" button on your console?

Elfman: I wish. On Oz just yesterday, I was playing some music for [director] Sam Raimi and he was laughing out loud. And what I did that was so funny in this particular moment was a pause. What's usually funny in music is timing. When I'm making Sam laugh effectively, which I've been doing quite a bit of this week, it's because I'm finding the timing of a scene, putting in accents and pauses in very specific moments. It's funny without trying to be.

THR: Music is a combination of repetitive pattern and surprise, and sometimes the best sound is silence.

Elfman: Absolutely correct. Where something starts or ends is a very big thing. There's a lot of music in Oz, about 115 minutes, but I'm having a great time because the music's all very narrative, and I really could go on almost a hypnotic trance and just pour music out in a way I really enjoy. I'm really telling the story with music, I've got a number of themes blocked out, and it's flowing really easily.
Wow 115 min of music! Looks like the score is going to carry this film. Now I'm officially excited for this score. I love when Elfman has an opportunity to write a lot of music to tell the narrative. And nice to hear Raimi is enjoying what Elfman's coming up with so far for Oz. I'm so glad those two are working together again. They make a great team. Hopefully there won't be any problems this time.

The rest of the article :

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