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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have the mainstream audience support that The Dark Knight did either. People don't talk like TDKR changed the genre (because, quite frankly, it did no such thing) like they did with TDK or The Avengers now. Also, quite frankly, I think the love of TDK makes fans of the trilogy want to rate TDKR a lot higher than it deserves.

Technically speaking it is a spectacular film, but it's just a hokey action movie when you get right down to it.

Ninja's who live in the sewers unbeknownst to the Water and Sewage Department? C'mon, that kind of a plot point would've been laughed out of TDK. I think this actually serves it well as a third film because it avoids the pitfall of trying to replicate what was good about TDK, but as it stands it's a much weaker film.

Also, between Skyfall and Avengers (which I wouldn't nominate either), I think if you nominate TDKR you pretty much have to include those two.
Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
All of this is irrelevant if the script doesn't work, and the 3rd act of TDKR has many problems. Also, I think this film was too interested in making a pro-establishment message, that it made the people of Gotham look bad. All the people of Gotham, despite knowing there was a bomb, bend to Bane's will, enforce his rule, and act as sheep. The only people who fight him are the good old establishment (cops, etc). The people did nothing in the revolt against Bane, and IMO, I think it made the entire trilogy's point about the PEOPLE taking back their city moot. The people didn't take back the city in their darkest hour: cops did. Not even with the civilian help. This isn't even to mention all the story issues with the twist, the public's knowledge of the bomb, why the bad guys were so willing to die, etc. The film just raised too many questions, and this is why it isn't getting the buzz TDK did.

Visually, the film is amazing. Conceptually (aka, the story/plot), it is very weak. This is why I don't feel it warrants a major award.
Couldn't agree more, guys.

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