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Default Re: Brand New Castle Grayskull for MOTUC Line

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I don't think that's happening here right now.

I think this works well since it's not a sub item and only the people who really want it will get it. But they still have to get enough orders to meet the demand.

I think the sub model was very flawed for the line. I only did the sub once and didn't re-up this time around. I do want a Castle Grayskull though.
i agree mate, i've never had the sub, and i know there is no problems at the moment. but i've started to see facebook posts about how fans have to, and should do anything necessary to get the buy the castle.

i want to support this line and i really hope it doesnt end with fans at each others throats the org is bad enough with that now let alone if the classics get cancelled

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