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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by badgrammar View Post
A younger Bane makes a huge difference, believe me. He was like almost in his sixty’s
I don't believe you. He could be in his 20's in the pit.

Batman still got his ass handed to him up till he hit Bane's mask.
Ehhh no he wasn't. The fight was even steven.

It does not mean he is a better fighter.
When a ninja trainer says you're his best student it means you're the best fighter.

You will never no thats true. you're just assuming things and I highly doubt you're right.
So says the one who said Bane was in his 60's in this flick. I know it's true because the movie has Alfred banging on about how Bruce wasn't what he used to be. Strapping up his leg and putting on the suit didn't make him the Batman he was. He had to rain himself back up in the pit to be in the shape he was years ago then he handed Bane his ass.


Are you talking about Bane or Batman?
Batman. He matched Ra's on the train. Ra's was his trainer. Batman is a better fighter.

You sound like a bitter fanboy, It's all up to the writers
You sound like the bitter fanboy. The writers of Knightfall had Bane win because Batman was wrecked from being sick and wrecked from fighting all the villains in Arkham that Bane broke out. Fact.

Batman in TDKR was 8 years out of practice, used a cane like an old man, and needed a leg strap to get by without the cane. He was a rusty shell. Alfred even said so. The Doc in the hospital said Wayne's body was wrecked. That's why Bane whupped him. Batman trained himself up in the pit, came back and whupped Bane. Fact.

That's how the writers wrote it. Now who's the bitter fanboy?

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