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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

I think historically Bane has definitely gotten the upper hand on Batman due to catching him at some kind of disadvantage (Knightfall and TDKR)

However, if they were to ever have a rematch in the comics where Bane was to beat Batman in a fair fight, it would't really bother me. Especially in the comics where Bane pretty much has the advantage with venom.

In fact, in episode 2 of The Batman (which depicts a young Batman at full health), Batman walks into a fight with Bane right in the middle of the streets with no prior physical disadvantage and gets his ass handed to him. Thrown into a brick wall, has some bones broken and can't move, needs Alfred to pick him up and put him back together. Actually a pretty decent episode to watch with TDKR in mind, there are parallels there.

But yeah, obviously it depends how the writers approach it. It's not unfathomable that Bane could beat a young and healthy Batman fair and square.

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