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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Personally, I'm not even sure I'm all that enthused by the technical/visual spectacle that TDKR represents. Due to runtime limitations, many of the set pieces were surprisingly mediocre due to poor editing.

As well, during later viewings, I came to find the taller aspect ratio of the IMAX scenes actually less grand, epic, and cinematic. It almost had a TV like appearance in regards to how shots were framed. I think Nolan may have actually used the format more effectively in TDK. By reserving it for wide shots and large action spectacles, the format elevated the grandeur of those special moments. It created a larger canvas. In contrast, I find TDKR actually lost some of grandeur and cinematic quality by using IMAX so much in the film. Say what you will, but good old-fashioned anamorphic widescreen composition has certain unique quality to it.

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