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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

I don't see how you do GotG properly with 175 million. Outer space/alien settings, two major cgi characters, special effects up the ***. If they actually want to pull off Rocket - ie hes not just an animated sidekick/mascot - its gonna take top notch voice work and a Hulk-sized financial commitment. In fact, I would argue that its gonna be trickier to pull off Rocket than the Hulk. and he could end up having even more screen time than the Hulk did in TA.

The budget for casting will probably be significantly less than TA or IM, so they'll probably save 30 million right there. Im gonna go with 200 million (the official budget) for GotG.

IM3 200 million

Thor:TDW 180 million

Cap:TWS 180 million

GotG 200 million

Avengers 2 275 million

Ant-Man 125 million

I agree that 200 million seems like a lot for a completely unproven property, but thats part of what makes GotG a ballsy choice by Marvel. I think they really need to go all in and treat it like a tent-pole project. And of course they have to keep the focus on the characters, which will require talent and money. Otherwise, it could be another JC.

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