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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Although I wasn't a fan of the first film, I adored the design to Asgard. It was a gorgeous creation.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Alan can add to that mystic world. I'm hoping to also witness a more fantasy but natural based appearance to these other realms. The budget is bigger this time around, after all. Iceland has awe-spiring landscapes, so we'll see whether or not Taylor can take advantage.
Unfortunately that entire "world" was a bunch of pixel and a couple of dressed sets. I'm hoping Alan Taylor steps it up. That mixed in with the swinging of the hammer action and this movie needs to win me over.

We're missing the
Superman, Ironman, Wolverine, Thor option.

Right now Ironman3 has about as much if not less hype that IM2 did. That suitcase armor and the first sequel vibe really pushed it over the top for buzz. IM needs good word of mouth and a summer as lame as 2008 if it's going to soar past it's predecessors in such a way as some are predicting here. There's a been there done that aura it's giving off to some(new armor after old ones fails, an in film press tour, new business competition, WarMachine stuff, another Euro villain...Pepper Pots(even batman replaced the female leads to the point where the last one was a selling point)) at this point the shattered mask defeated hero vibe TDKR sold tickets can only go so far given this being a disney movie.

Wolverine is the biggest thing coming out of xmen. His cameo alone was a huge highlight in XFC. If they deliver(and they might). If they even pull an Obama and just do better than the dreadful first showing, the critical response will be very strong and people will flock.
The promise of a Wolverine in the next avengers is more exciting than just about any other character not played by RDJ. That's the truth.

I think all Snyder has to do is deliver a superman the cinematic audience has never seen or rather, never been introduced too. This is very simple given everyone that's read a superman book knows what it's all about. The promise of a lex in this world will be that of a promise of a Joker in nolan world...Cool and scary again. When Snyder delivers this, we'll get a word of mouth the likes of which Batman Begins could only dream about. The damage this series has will keep it at bay with about the first IronMan's numbers. 300mill. WB will give Nolan a presence next summer in the form of this film.

Superman will be the strongest action we see this year, that alone will be huge.

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