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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post

It was never Batman's intention to turn the citizens of Gotham into crimefighters. His quest was to rehabilitate Gotham's police department/structure of justice so evil men could be tried justly for their crimes.
I never said it was his intention to make them crime fighters, but he was aspiring to inspire the people of Gotham to rise above what the city had become and help fix it. The result was the corruption of this vision by manipulating the people into believing in a false idol only to become savages and be saved once again by the men in uniform. Batman didn't inspire the city, he inspired a small group of the powerful establishment. That, to me, isn't the same thing.

"The People" were never meant to take back the city. Hell, Bane mocked Batman's crusade by telling the people at the stadium "Take control of your city!"

Again, every time I hear complaints about TDKR they sound more like "Well, I woulda done it this way instead" despite having nothing to do with Nolan's intended vision.
No, my problem isn't that Nolan didn't do it a certain way. My problems are that the way he chose to do it were messy within the context of both his own film (TDKR) and the franchise (the trilogy). I'm not picking this movie apart because it differed from my vision, I am picking it apart because, as a writer myself, I see way too many holes in the story and logic behind the characters and the story. I don't care if you disagree with me, but writing this off as simple failure of wish fulfilment shows you're not reading what I am saying.

Also, how are civilians supposed to stop a terrorist organization filled with armed mercenaries & a nuclear weapon that's keeping the military outside the city?

There's a reason the cops are trapped below the city & the bomb is keeping the Army out.
Farmers with pitchforks and inferior tech defeated the British. People with planning and ingenuity can do great things. Also, so can writers with more creativity.

Talia & Bane wanted to give the citizens of Gotham false hope. They were waiting for freedom much like the prisoners of the Lazarus Pit - and as with them too, freedom was never coming. Only death.
The false hope thing I get, but once again, the way it plays out raises a bunch of questions. Why are millions of people so willing to just let their city explode without taking some action? Why are Talia and Bane on some kind of suicide mission to honor a man that didn't even raise Talia for much of her childhood and never accepted them anyway? Etc, etc etc. I am all for suspension of disbelief, but I don't feel what the film gave me was enough. People in desperation don't just lie down when the chips are down. Come life or death, people try to survive. They just don't wait for the bomb to explode. Likewise, I just don't buy Talia and Bane doing all this just to die in the name of a nebulous cause or give Batman the middle finger.

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