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Default Re: Rate the first Iron Man 3 trailer

Originally Posted by StarkTheProdigy View Post
I though the teaser was perfect. It left audiences with questions so it wasn't a spoilerfest. The trailer focused more on character than several pieces of action sequences. Also, the tone. While RDJ brings his charm to the character, which brings some comical aspects, it's nice to see the character get a serious movie (from what I gather from the trailer) which is refreshing. Also, great score to the trailer, it all worked brilliantly.
That's how I felt. I doubt IM3 is going to be dark but it feels as though it's going to have a deep, emotional plot. The action already looks bigger and better than IM2's, which is a definite plus.

My only complaint is that the villain sounds a bit like Stephen Hawking, which made me giggle.

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