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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
The false hope thing I get, but once again, the way it plays out raises a bunch of questions. Why are millions of people so willing to just let their city explode without taking some action?
I hear what you're saying in essence, but at the same time the millions in Gotham were not privy to the fact that the bomb was going to blow no matter what. In their eyes, making a move on Bane is only going to bring about their own demise because of the anonymous triggerman. The fact that the nuke can be detonated at any moment yet hasn't been, makes it seem like Bane and his revolutionaries are 100% committed to their "cause" and not Gotham's destruction. So they're not waiting to die, they're hoping to live. They're caught between a rock and a hard place, but they were under the impression that living complacently under Bane's rule is what will keep them alive. If it had gotten out that the bomb was going off no matter what, it'd be a different story.

Also, we only saw a very small fraction of those 5 months so there's no saying for sure either whether or not there were any ragtag rebellions that Bane had squashed. This would have been neat to see, but it would have done nothing to advance any important character arcs and only served to add fat to the film, so I can see why they'd not go there. We know that anonymous Gothamites 1, 2 3 and "No more dead cops!" guy aren't going to be the heroes that defeat the bad guy in a Batman movie, and we've established that Bane and the LOS are an unstoppable wrecking ball of blunt militant force. We don't really learn much by seeing a few brave Gothamites become cannon fodder for them.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Batman didn't inspire the city, he inspired a small group of the powerful establishment. That, to me, isn't the same thing.
I still think he inspired the city at large. He basically becomes Gotham's J.C. by the film's end, getting memorialized for generations to remember. And in the end, Blake serves to represent the idea of good people stepping up. By the end of the film he's off the police force and no longer a part of the establishment, but he's in a position to take the torch. Also, Batman inspires Selina to listen to her better, unselfish side. So he definitely inspired more than just the establishment.

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