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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
The police clearly say in the movie that they know it is happening, and the grapevine was passing that information around. So, enough people would have known to start a mass panic. Or, at the very least, would have been spreading word like that around like crazy. In a situation in which escape is not possible, people do whatever they must to survive. Crowds of people can take down a king, his army, etc. It has happened all throughout history. For this reason, I absolutely cannot buy how this worked out. I can suspend disbelief that such a bomb exists and all that stuff, but suspension of disbelief doesn't mean I have to instantly buy into everything about the film without a proper explanation, and this film just doesn't do that in regard to the citizens of Gotham. It just ignores how they'd react, and in a film that focuses very heavily on the takeover of a city and anarchy in the streets, that doesn't work.
I honestly don't remember that being said or even implied in the movie. If anything, the way I understood it, the small group in Gordon's operation would be keeping a lid on that to not cause a mass panic. Gordon was being very secretive when the special agents were there, didn't even want to say how many he had in his group. He needed Blake to go all "hot head" mode to give them the real situation with the bomb.

If I'm wrong on that though please refresh my memory because I haven't seen the movie in months.

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