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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by till686 View Post
Mmm. The joker blogs wig is not really accurate... and wig doesn't always work good.
I recomend you to use hair extensions from a wig that you can buy on e-bay. It's more work but I think the final result is better, i say it from experience.

I never actually considered extensions, very interesting. I actually have pretty long hair so it's not so much a matter of getting it long enough with extensions than it is just having a head of hair that I can style/dye/cut.

Anyway, just wanted to share some stuff, I just got the Nimba scar prosthetics in the mail since they looked like the best ones I found find:

Annnnd while they certainly look good, I don't think I'd reccomend them for a beginner. They're made of gelatin so they dissolve extremely easy and are very delicate, more of a one-time thing [I'm working on this for con season actually] . So just a heads up for anyone who was looking at these, it's something to consider.

I'm thinking of buying silicone ones, since they won't be on the verge of falling apart and are reusable...

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