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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I was talking about him escaping the pit specifically. Bane had the reputation of being the one that escaped the pit and we are led to believe this is true until Talia is revealed.
Right, but Alfred says that no one knows how he got out, so it shows that there's no solid intel on that- it's not known that Ra's stormed the prison and freed Bane, only that Ra's trained him. The mystery surrounding how Bane got out is what feeds into his legend and perhaps causes others to infer that he escaped on his own (including the audience). Bane is this extremely badass mercenary who's lived through hell, so one might think, "He's the only one to escape that prison", and this leads Bruce to put two and two together (thus further misleading the audience) when he hears about a child who was born in the pit and then escaped and assumes it has to be Bane.

Basically what I'm trying to say is there's nothing to prove that Alfred's info is blatantly false or mistakingly based around Talia's life story. I suppose you can interpret it whichever you want, but right now I'm liking the interpretation that Bane was also raised in the pit and this is why he has compassion for Talia.

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