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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
And it had a Cinemascore of A. Only comic book fans lash out at IM2. Pretty much everyone else i know who saw that movie said it was pretty entertaining, although most admitted it wasnt as good as the first. IM2 had its faults but its nowhere near the abject disaster comic fans make it out to seem imo
Agreed. The level of hate that people spew at this movie is limited to online movie forums filled with fanboys and rival fanboys. Nobody in the real world hated IM2. This is in contrast to movies like Green Lantern, Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, Batman & Robin, Fantastic Four 2, and even Watchmen. These movies were franchise killers and required immediate reboots. Iron Man 2 directly led into a pretty decent hit in Thor. I doubt most people give that movie a chance without Iron Man 2. There is also a reason that Avengers was largely sold on Iron Man/Tony Stark/RDJ.

I posted on another thread but IM2 is Temple of Doom. It was a weaker offering than Raiders but people still enjoyed it. There is a big difference between Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull, which many people DID hate. Like ToD, I think IM2 will be looked upon more fondly in the future. Once RDJ is finished as Stark, people will be more nostalgic and appreciate the humor/charm of him in 2.

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