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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
The only honest complaint I would have about B:TAS (and this is a very minor gripe), is that they never really showed Bruce's parents get shot. It was always implied, and Mask of the Phantasm delved into Bruce's origin, but we still never saw the actual catalyst of what makes Batman Batman. That to me is essential, and they never did it. The obvious reason being that it was too violent for a cartoon to kill a mother and father in front of their child, probably.
Also the fact that you never actually see The Joker kill anyone either. They did the best they could though, working within the constraints of having to be a kids' show.

Honestly though, if they were getting the band back together, I'd rather them just do animated film set in the world of BTAS. High budget though, hand-drawn but really epic in scale, released for theaters. Animation is the realm Dini and Timm are really at home in and I don't think anyone would oppose one more trip to that wonderful world. I always regretted not getting to see MOTP on the big screen. Total pipe dream though.

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