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After seeing the trailer of IM3, i really think that Rhodey's role in this film will be less of a supporting/side-kick to Iron Man.

I think War Machine will have his own mission but will start knocking down some doors when Tony's home is destroyed.

As for the Iron Patriot paint job i think its US gov changing War Machines image after the whole Stark Expo incident.

But the reason i created this Thread, is to hear from you guys what you think War Machines role should be moving forward in the MCU?

I always felt that some supporting characters can pop up in other superhero films without harming the film. Like we saw with Coulson jumping from Iron Man to Thor and like we will see with Black Widow going from IM2 to CA:TWS...

With Iron Man 3, i think Rhodey will be shown more as a hero on his own and not Starks lackey...

So what do you want to see happen with Rhodey moving forward?

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