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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
FYI, that post I just made *also* indicated that Feige said that MCU Mandarin's rings aren't alien tech, either.
I wonder if it will be based on some hi-tech ish.. maybe allowing Mandarin to take control of Iron Man's suits or something like that...

Because we see Iron Man pull Pepper off Tony, we see the IM kneeling over Tony and the we see Iron Man's hand smash through the plane before blasting a guard, and probably causing the whole in the side of the plane...

So my theory is Dr. Killain (Guy Pearce) implants Tony with the Extremis virus but sells some info to Mandarin on how it operates. Mandarin then uses this new knowledge to gain control of the suit, but Tony can override his control, which we can see when Tony saves the passengers.

So Maybe the rings give him that ability or maybe the rings are just symbolic... but if Tony has to make 47 Armours to take on the Mandarin, then he must have some serious firepower of his own.

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