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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
No, the idea was to show the legacy of Ra's ended up being Bruce & not Bane.

Bane arrives in Gotham claiming he IS the League of Shadows. Alfred is concerned that might be true. But after Talia reveals herself we learn that Ra's heir wasn't Bane after all. Talia & Bane are terrorists. Their motivations like the Jihad are deluded. Its not about restoring peace through destruction. Its about making Ra's chosen son watch his people burn, helpless. Again, this is an insane agenda. To kill millions in the name of revenge & jealousy.

The LOS in TDKR isn't really the LOS. Its the bastard child of Ra's ideals (much like Bane).
Again, that means it's pointless to be bringing them and Ra's back into the fold in the first place. A better and more unique character arc for Bane could have been used and a much better film could have eventuated if none of that was brought back into the fold. If the LoS ideology is bastardized it needed to be explored - it wasn't. It comes across as a bunch of idiots who don't know their own organization and what it stands for. Not to mention it's full of illogical character motivations - completely her fathers work - the same father that A) She would never have been close to in the first place and B) One who rejected Bane. This film is hampered by poor execution, most of which I put down to them bring back plot elements from the previous film that didn't need to be brought up again. But we got our precious Talia now didn't we? Oh yeah, it was really worth crow-baring her into this series wasn't it? Everyone 's happy now, we've all wanted that character for so long and we finally got her. Hip-hip ****ing hooray.

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