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Default Re: The Official TDKR Fanart & Manips Thread XI

Originally Posted by Uroboric Forms View Post
That's very cool. Although all I'd say is Batman looks like he's smirking a little too much.
Even if he's smirkling a little, WB's poster guys are better than me and I made the manip without altering anything just combining two photos, and I made my manip for less than half an hour and for free...I bet the guy that made the original poster didn't made it for free and made the poster for 5 minutes(just combining the teaser poster with this photo) and that IMO is just LAZY!
The building's perspective is not the same as Batman's perspective, surely WB would have more photos than me to work with.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Here's the original poster and my version next to it:


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