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Default Re: Which Comic Book Movie in 2013 are you most looking forward too?

Originally Posted by Léo Ho Tep View Post
Agreed. I love Kick Ass the movie. Hopefully, part 2 will be better than the comic book as well.

What disappointed me in Thor, is that the fight against the frost giants looks great. But the editing is so awful, it's a waste. Then the final fight is a downer.
The final fight certainly isnt as good as the earlier Frost Giant fight, which I didnt mind the editing in to be honest, at the camera stayed still, unlike many action movies these days.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Since Superman didn't throw a single punch in Superman Returns some of us want to see that MOS won't follow the same path. Supes is a ridiculously over-powered character, but at least they've given him villains he can physically fight in this one. It's well over a year since principal photography started on MOS, so they should have many effects sequences ready to be included in a trailer.

After the debacle that was SR, the MOS trailer needed to wow and for me it didn't. Slow and boring =/= epic. It wasn't helped at all by the use of a recognizable piece of music from The Fellowship of the Rings, taken from that movie's most somber scene. It was a dirge, which gave the trailer a downer feel. We should come away from a trailer for an action movie feeling energized and eager to see more, not depressed and weighed down. Hopefully the first full trailer will have more to offer.
Again I disagree, I thought the teaser showed, and very well I might add, that this is more than just an action movie, and thats what I liked about it, it showed the movie has a story and substance, which is more important than any action scene in the movie to me.

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