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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by Zinc Saucier View Post
It looks like the Persian writing on the rings is the same as the writing on the Ten Rings flag in the first film:

The ring that Raza wore in the first film also had the writing on it:
Yeah, I would say there is definitely a connection there which is really cool and it is nice that it is tying into part 1 and coming full circle.

I just hope the rings have some powers and that they are more then just symbolic. I mean to me the characters powers define them possibly even more then their story. I say this because if a person new to comics picks up a comic book today with Mandarin battling Iron Man they will not necessarilly know his history or motives but it's his powers that will captivate them and interest them most. Then perhaps after being excited about the character they would take the time to look into his history and motives. So, to not have the rings do something I think would be a bad call on Marvel's part. However, they have not really failed me at least not majorly yet), so I will continue to have faith they will do the character justice.



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