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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by stricky345 View Post
Dakins, ya I did and never will do it again.. Did you do it too? How did you seal it up to cast in Urethane?

Ohh and congrats on the sale ..

My mask project seems to be falling through, I'm seriously considering crying and hiding in a edge for the next two weeks.. I bought some cheap latex.. Seller said it can be used for masks too.. My arse.. It's way too thin and left a mess in my bathroom.. What do I say.. It looks like a warzone in there.. Need to find a way how to thicken it up and get the latex off my arms (it's better than waxing I'm telling ya)..
Well, I did the only plaster part there was to MJ's cast and it had nothing to do with the mask at all. I made a plaster cast of his head in two parts, he fit that together and filled it with concrete so he had a concrete bust of himself, so to say, to sculpt on. He'd have to tell you what he made the mold with.

I am concerned for you. I'm pretty sure when you pull the latex, you say? Out, it will be filled with pock-markies and plaster dust.

*pat pat* I hope I'm wrong. Best of luck.

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