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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
No, my comment was directed to the fact that Alexei said the mystery and lack of understanding of their idealogy was to mirror Al Qeaada. Not that they didn't have an idealogy. They did, however, I feel Talia and co do not give a good reason why they pursued "Ra's al Ghul's destiny" in a suicide mission. I just can't buy it based on what she/he said in the movie.
Didn't catch that...sorry, misunderstood.

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
As has been pointed out a billion times Gotham was at peace time. For the best part of 8 years. They very goal they were striving for actually happened - without them having to destroy the city. And yet they decided to do it anyway for....... what exactly? The motivations were poor and in most cases a direct contradiction to what happened previously, and as Spider-fan rightfully points out, badly executed.
"It's the slow knife..."

Talia and Bane's plan strayed from the original plan of the League of Shadows and turned into one of revenge. It didn't matter that Gotham had seemingly fixed itself... Gotham still was the city that took Talia's father. It was still the city that defeated them. It had to die.

As they were going about destroying the city, Bane discovers that the uneasy peace that Gotham was experiencing was based on a lie. This knowledge allows the "saving" of Gotham to not only continue to be a revenge mission -- but also keeps it well with in line with the "most important function of the League of Shadows..."


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