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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Nope. And honestly I hesitate to start, at least not until after the films as a series are done. . . .Some . . . seem unable to enjoy the film versions fully because they are too upset that such and such wasnt represented the way they see them, or a character they like isn't there at all, or they didnt tell the story exactly the way they read it the first time. .. .I've . . . been in that type of frame of mind before enough and I don't particularly want to end up once again feeling that way going into theaters or coming on the internet to chat. Like I said, maybe after the series are done, and the hype has died down, it will be a good way to extend enjoyment of the characters. But I've always been more of a film buff in any case.
(As you can tell, I've cut some important parts out of your post. I hope I've pared it down to the part I want to address without misrepresenting your meaning. If I have, I apologize. It wasn't my intent!)

The relevant risk is whether you would be able to enjoy the film for what it is if you have read the books. It sounds like you are somewhat concerned about this.

Consider this: suppose a group comes together on a forum consisting only of those who have only seen the movies, and they discuss. They all will have different views on characters' motivations, quality of actors' performances, effectiveness of direction, etc. Ideally, each participant would be receptive to considering another's point of view.

Could not the books be considered an extension of such a discussion, with the books' authors and artists presenting still more interpretations of the characters (albeit drawing on additional plot lines that they themselves create)? It's possible that how a character is represented in one installment of the film series to be different from how that same character is represented in another installment. The hypothetical group could discuss which interpretation is more "true" to the character, or at least more entertaining. The books could be considered the same way.

A shorter argument: you could be missing out on some good entertainment that is more or less in the same vein of what you have already enjoyed.

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