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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
I think you're not reading into things enough.

Talia's whole speech about her father solidifies her insanity & deluded mission statement. Talia & Bane want to believe more than anything that they are indeed fulfilling Ra's Al Ghul's destiny. In truth, they are not. Like the Jihad, there's no way their mass murdering is pleasing Allah. Bruce's reaction is America's reaction. Its confusion & horror.

The whole movie is filled with references to modern terrorism and its effects on Western Civilization. I think had you picked up on them more, you wouldn't have dismissed the villains & their plot to destroy Gotham.

Exactly. Some people don't get it or just refuse to get it. Or some just want to nit pick about alleged "plot holes" which were more like plot omissions from Nolan and Smith.

Sometimes I do think WB's and Nolan should have gone the two part film Harry Potter route for TDKR though, just so some nit pickers could have seen every little detail squeezed in the final film of the trilogy.

Me thinks, the nit pickers still wouldn't have been satisfied though.

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