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Default Re: Which comic book hero will reign supreme next year?

Originally Posted by T-CLIPSE View Post
Most of you seem to think Superman Returns has left such a horrible taste in peoples mouth that it will scare them away, but I think it will have the opposite effect and people will be chomping at the bit to see the character done right it will draw them in.
I disagree, Supes is generally seen as outdated and lame, I don't think many are all that interested in a new film. MoS has the task of re-establishing him & turning around the GA perception of him. I mean, never say never and all that, it could be a big hit but more than likely if it's really good then somewhere in the $500m range.

Plus the movie going public can be somewhat forgiving even after a previous poor offering. People by and large hated '03 Hulk but they still came to Incredible Hulk, people disliked MIB2 but they still came to MIB3, people despised X-men Last Stand but came to First Class, people disliked Spider-Man 3 but still came to Amazing Spider-Man, and I think people who were less than thrilled with Superman Returns will still come to MOS.
TIH only made about $20 million more than Hulk'03.

I could give you MIB3. It went from $441m in MIB2 to $624 in MIB3, but it did have 3d, 10 years of inflation/expansion & made $11m less in the US.

X3 made $459m, XOW made $373m, XFC made $353m. That's a $100m drop.

Spidey3 made $890m, TASM made $752 with 3d.

Not so forgiving in general.

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
That said, MoS could be the top CBM of 2013 (quality-wise).
The Nolans also contributed to the script so I'm not worried about Snyder's and Goyer's direction with this.
The only name I've officially heard as being involved with the MoS script (other than Goyer) is Kurt Johnstad and that was to polish the 3rd act. C Nolan has a story credit and that's it. Goyer recently claimed full credit for the script, so J Nolan can't have been involved heavily (though I really hope he was).. and that worries me greatly because Goyer is a sucky screenwriter.

On the other hand Marvel have the likes of Black & Rodat writing IM3 & Thor:TDW, Whedon on hand if needed & just a better track record. For my money those two have more potential for quality. (Indeed, I think Phase 2 as a whole will be much better than the first simply for being so much more together and unified under a clearer vision/direction right from the get go.)

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
If MoS can't outgross Thor then DC is truly lost.
I disagree. Thor is in a better position than Supes is right now. If MoS is well recieved and makes 2.5 times it's budget (like Begins did, & as is the general rule for BO success), which would be about $437m WW, then WB should be happy regardless of what Thor makes. That would be a solid base to build on.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Apparently they're shooting one of the locations for Asgard in Iceland, so right off the bat you know it won't look as fantastical as Thor.
That's like saying you can't make Lord of the Rings fantastical & epic by shooting locations in New Zealand.

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