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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by rashad View Post
So you're in tune with the entire nation's thoughts? lol j/k Anyone who truly hates it are in the minority. Regardless if it's an "online thing" or not.
Just something that I notice when talking to people without strong opinions on CBMs and what the post-IM2 reaction has been in regards to Marvel Studios. Dislike for IM2 is isolated to segments of the fanboy community--mainly those who assumed it was going be the next TDK (ie-Demon in a Bottle) and those put Iron Man 1 on some pedestal. I think most people can see that the plot of IM2 wasn't quite as polished as IM1 but everything else was in my opinion. The difference in quality between IM1 and IM2 isn't that far off.

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