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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I realize it would be interesting to see Solo Antagonists this time around, but I think having multiple villains in one film really helps the fans be satisfied. That being said, without repeating what's already been said, I think we have Batman start off already Batman, he's been working with petty crime and it's not until this film that he faces off against his true first villain. (hopefully Mr. Freeze) In the first film you could also see someone like the Penguin toying with the political side of things, in the role of a mob boss rather than a man obsessed with birds. At the end of the first film we could see the beginnings of the Robin character.
By the second film, Robin is now a full fledged bad ass sidekick, helping Batman fight the crime Gotham is infested with. In this film I'd like to see the Riddler and Black Mask, Black Mask could take the spot of Cobblepot in the secondary role while Riddler is the main antagonist, performing gritty puzzles and labrynths that also have a comic book flare to it. At the end/middle of this film, a brief scene where Black Masks thugs push a man masked in a red hood into a vat of acid.
Third and final film, we have the Joker. I'd really like to see this because it gives the opportunity to kill off Robin which will create an inner turmoil in Batman, and show us that the Joker, as the final villain, is Batman's true arch-nemesis. This could parallel to the DKR in the fact that Batman breaks, though this time not physically but psychologically due to the Joker's torment.

Additional note, I think the Joker, along with all the other villains, would need a redesign. Something more comical than the DK trilogy but also more realistic and gritty than the comics themselves. Just a starting idea for the Joker was that when falling into the acid vat, his face is horribly scarred, so rather than having the white face, red lips, he wears the mask of an ever smiling clown, with a disgusting and deformed face underneath. Just a thought.

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