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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

On the whole Ra's/manipulation angle...I think perhaps "exploiting" is the better word. Ra's saw a man in need, offered him a path, even formed a sincere bond with him...but there's still ulterior motives at play there. No way it's a coincidence that this man is looking to destroy Gotham and he just so happens to seek out "Gotham's favorite son". As Watanabe-Ra's say Bruce is "ideally placed" for their mission. Heck, Bruce's family company has the weapon they need for their mission. Ra's of course that knew he couldn't just start with, "Hi, I'm looking for a right-hand man to destroy your city with and I think you'd be great because you have tons of anger and resources that we could use". Obviously because he couldn't expose his plan that early to an outsider, but also because there's no way Bruce was the type who would have gone for that. What did Bruce want though? A way to deal with his pain and fight criminals. So Ra's started there in hopes that he could take a broken man, slowly indoctrinate him and rebuild him in his own image.

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
The only 'vision' I had for Rises was that it needed to justify bringing back the LoS and introducing Talia. It didn't. The great irony is there are so many directions presented witin the film itself as to where Nolan could have taken things but resorted to rehashing plot points from film one, and in doing so effectively told people like me that how they viewed film one is wrong.
All I can say on this one is that it's certainly not uncommon in trilogies for third films to do that kind of thing. For me, it just felt like proper storytelling. I always enjoyed Randy's little lecture on the rules of a trilogy in Scream 3, it's pretty accurate:

I know this is only dragging things further off topic, sorry lol.

To get things back on topic, is it true that Zimmer can't get a nomination because the score is based on a previous score? If so that's a shame.

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