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Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
I think he's too much to add in an Avengers movie. I don't want to see derivative heroes in the Avengers for some time, not while there are still more unique heroes that need to be added.

Also I picked 'solo film' from the poll, but I disagree with the "to introduce other heroes". I wouldn't mind a solo film if it was about telling a War Machine story and not an advert for other heroes.
But wouldn't a War Machine story be a harder sell, because essentially its still "Iron Man"?

I definietly don't want to see a War Machine Wolverine Origins sort film, that just throws in random heroes all willy nilly!!

But I always liked Valkyrie and War Machines interactions in comics, they both warriors, and they have a certain chemistry. Its almost like they have this affectionate undertone.

Definietly think War Machine can pull off a solo film, especially if its set in a war, but adding a character like Valkyrie who is just completely badass but a complete opposite to War Machines power set, I think it would strengthen the story. As essentially you telling a story of character that most people see as a supporting character, for him to headline his own film, he has to offer something different then Iron Man.

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