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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

i just think that somehow in the story -- they need to establish that orgins didn't happen. also i think this conflicts with x2 and x1 because --

Stryker says "you're an animal then and you're an animal now -- i just gave you claws" -- but now wolverine always had the claws.

i say we should get flashes of extended x2 and x1 weapon x footage -- with new footage showing bone claws getting the adamantium treatment.

that nonsense we saw in orgins was a disgrace.

hugh has even admitted that he wants to right the wrongs of the past film.

by the way -- who's fault is it that orgins got screwed up the way it did.

was it tom rothman's fault? did the studio interference mess things up?

in the first two x-men films wolverine has lost memory. and at the end of x men 2 he learns from stryker that he was once an animal and a bad person. but ultimately he only learns that he signed up for the adamantium bonding process. he still doesn't know about his life before that point.

stryker suggests that wolverine was a bad / evil guy.

so now in the new film wolverine remembers his whole life, where he was born and can remember being in WWII and having bone claws too?

so to fix things i say he should have a slight flashback to killing jean grey and then weapon x footage of him getting the adamantium on the bone claws.

this way it doesn't acknowledge orgins. orgins is a bad dream that needs to be forgotten.

thanks to first class and now the new wolverine film and Days of future past outline -- i think these 3 films can save the franchise. because really

x men and wolverine need to be rebooted at this point. after the third first class film -- x men needs a reboot.

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