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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Funny how that video mentioned Godfather 3 and Jedi - now what do those films have in common again? Oh that's right, they are considered inferior to the first two films in the series. Clearly the results from these so called trilogy 'rules' speak for themselves.
I like Return of the Jedi. But I like The Dark Knight Rises a lot more. Most third movies do the "reveal something from the first movie you thought was true but wasn't true", if's a true trilogy. That's something you specifically criticized, but this just how multi-movie storytelling tends to work if you're trying to tie up loose ends. It's true that there haven't been many great third movies. Hell, the movie that clip belongs to is itself a pretty mediocre third movie. But "Star Wars" is still considered a classic trilogy despite most people thinking Jedi is the weakest. Godfather 3 often just gets left out of the conversation. IMO, the TDK trilogy will probably suit from the Star Wars model, where TDKR "counts" and is part of the discussion.

The only thing Jedi failed to do IMO was raise the stakes enough from the previous two movies. The addition of The Emperor was great, and the way Luke and Vader's character arcs wrap up was phenomenal. It just failed to feel as grand as what had come before, to me. That is where TDKR succeeded with flying colors and what elevates it to being my favorite threequel of all time.

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