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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

About the whole mask thing. I think that batman was underestimating bane before he met up with him. When alfred explained how ferocious bane was Bruce just shrugged it off (ill fight harder, I always have). His mind wasn't fully into it and he thought he'd just beat him and be done. I think both fights were won and lost during the tie up. The first one batman was struggling and bane didn't show any struggle (victory has defeated you). So from then on bane had the fight. Even when it seemed like batman would take control bane just toyed with him. Batman wasn't physically or mentally ready.

During the second fight when they did the tie up again batman matched strength and bane had this look on his face like "oh man". Batman was physically and mentally prepared better. He also learned that banes mask was the source of his weakness when he was in the prison. So he attacked it harder

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