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Default Re: "MMPR" - Power Rangers fan film/webseries

"If you are a fan of MMPR, stay tuned as we will be making *TWO* *MAJOR* ANNOUNCEMENTS NEXT WEEK! On Monday, we will make an announcement regarding our future plans for the film and then we will make a very special HALLOWEEN announcement on
Wednesday about A FORMER CAST MEMBER (and its not who you would expect!) joining the ranks of MMPR.

The last time we had a major announcement it was the inclusion of Ron Wasserman, so we don't dissapoint when we say we have something lined up. Next week - WE HAVE TWO!

Guys, we are getting the ball rolling now but we still need your help. We have only been able to raise just over $500 on our indiegogo campaign which ends in December. If you would like to see us make this film, we need all the support we can get and every dollar counts. If you can, take a look at the page below and donate."

that is our latest post from

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